CNN’s Don Lemon Under Fire After He Says Blacks Shouldn’t Wear Baggy Pants, Use N-Word, Litter

Many on Twitter thought Lemon was simplifying the issue of race in America and ignoring larger issues like education, while imposing his values and ideas of what “respectability” is.

1. Don Lemon was blasted for comments he made on CNN Saturday where he listed five things the black community can do to fix its problems and sided with Bill O’Reilly of Fox News on placing blame on black men.

He said African Americans should stop wearing baggy pants, using the n-word, littering, dropping out of school and having children out of wedlock.

2. He was attacked on Twitter for his comments that put blame on hip-hop culture profiting from “thug” behavior.

9. Lemon responded to the criticism Sunday, where he said he wanted to reclaim the word “Uncle Tom,” which many used to describe him after his initial remarks.

“What is wrong with telling people to dress appropriately? These are things that I said yesterday that my mom taught me in kindergarten… Dress nicely, speak well, speak appropriately,” he said.

10. He also defended himself on Twitter.

11. The criticism only intensified.

13. And the hashtag #donlemonlogic was born on Twitter.

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