A Whole Bunch Of People Are Breaking Up Because "Cuffing Season" Is Over

It’s real, folks.

1. The winter was long and horrible but everyone made up for that by being in relationships, clearly. But now? The birds are chirping, body parts are being waxed and shaved, and cuffing season is over.

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5. CNN reported it.

ID: 2653751

Suns out cuffing season over

— PrincessEli (@Eliza_Szczygiel)
ID: 2653668

It's spring/summertime. I'm not trying to get in a relationship. Cuffing season been over.

— killz. (@praaijah)
ID: 2653682

8. Some told women to do it.

Summer time is almost here that means cuffing season is about to be over! #LoseYourBoyfriends

— Tre Burnett (@CoolAsTREoneDay)
ID: 2653592

9. Others blamed guys for making it happen.

Every year around spring time dudes start acting up cause cuffing season damn near over.

— TeeTee♥ (@STFU_ImTierra)
ID: 2653659
ID: 2653733

RT @DesiDes1 Cuffing Season is over….Some of y'all finna get released into Free Agency…. I'm Just Being Honest!

— Bae Jemison (@Natural_OneDurr)
ID: 2653703

12. Yep, guys pretty much admitted it.

Lol thank u

— DOP€ (@BigGuwop_Rozay)
ID: 2653793

13. Some had questions about the exact date.

SoooooO cuffing season over or nah?!

— STiLL HER (@xo_69ChocoDeLux)
ID: 2653665

14. But everyone agreed that it’s over for sure.

Cuffing Season is OFFICIALLY OVER!

— Nelly™ (@_Nelly401)
ID: 2653654

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