#19ForTrayvon Imagines What Trayvon Martin Could Have Achieved, On His Birthday

“At 19, everything seemed possible and life seemed infinite. It was like just being born.”

1. The hashtag #19ForTrayvon paid tribute to Trayvon Martin, a teen killed in Florida in a case that polarized the nation. He would have been 19, Wednesday.

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2. Colorlines began the hashtag.

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3. Many joined in, telling short, poignant stories.

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At 19, one special hoodie was my prized possession. Wore it proudly, not aware that it made me a target #19forTrayvon

— Steven Jumper (@StevenJumper)
ID: 2395222

I was a university student fumbling my way towards my true passions, towards making my mark in the world #19forTrayvon @colorlines

— Lindz Marsh (@lindzmarsh)
ID: 2395073

Trayvon might've joined @Dreamdefenders or @BYP_100. He might've been fighting injustice rather that being the victim of one. #19forTrayvon

— stacia l. brown (@slb79)
ID: 2395083

At 19, I was afforded the opportunity to make mistakes and learn from them. #19forTrayvon @Colorlines

— Jerdi (@justjerdi)
ID: 2395075

I was singing in choir and playing soccer at 19, and wish Trayvon was alive to do what he loved. @Colorlines #19forTrayvon

— Naima Shalhoub (@naimashalhoub)
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11. The tribute trended in the U.S. for a time Wednesday.

Trend Alert: #19forTrayvon. More trends at http://t.co/IvleifTamy #trndnl

— Trendinalia USA (@trendinaliaUS)
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At 19 I was organizing my first Take Back The Night Rally @Colorlines #19ForTrayvon

— Mabinty (@MabintyQ)
ID: 2395113

At 19, I participated in a hunger strike with students and workers to support security guards on campus @Colorlines #19forTrayvon

— José Olivarez (@JayOhEssEe)
ID: 2395117

At 19 I was in college, often the only Black man in my classes, pushing the boundary to not be 1/3 Black folks incarcerated. #19forTrayvon

— Dante Barry (@dantebarry)
ID: 2395155

Happy Birthday Trayvon. Thinking about all the things my dad did after 18. #19forTrayvon... http://t.co/HgNGVNxUqi

— Jacqueline Keeler (@jfkeeler)
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16. To many, the messages were bittersweet.

I'm so conflicted reading the #19forTrayvon tweets. Beautiful thread, but incredibly sobering to see the possibilities Trayvon missed out on

— Jerdi (@justjerdi)
ID: 2395199

”How do you grieve?” “You celebrate a person’s life by living your life fully.” - @AsraNomani #19forTrayvon

— Colorlines.com (@Colorlines)
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