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    • admather

      For fuck’s sake Buzzfeed, do some simple research before posting stuff like this.
      It won’t be serving drinks at 4am. The pub licence is only from 9, as its manager has said numerous times while getting grilled by sensationalist, moralising TV news journos looking for a juicy story for their predujiced viewers this morning.
      That being said, exactly what’s the point of this post? Because there’s practically nothing that educates or informs here. All I can see is some hastily-cobbled together cockrot that screams “look, there’s a PUB, next to a MOTORWAY!!! And we’ve got a GIF and some pictures of it!!! What will our click-baited readers think???? Fingers crossed they all say how stupid and ridiculous it is, so we can collate all the comments and make another post about it later”.
      Do you know what else is at that motorway services? A bloody hotel. You know, the kind of place where people stay overnight and probably want to have a drink before they get some kip. Or, more likely, the sort of people who might - just might - be the main clientele for this venture.
      Now go back to doing what you do best - stealing content from Cracked, adding some hee-larious pics and passing it off as original work.