Dog, Family Of Ducks Traipse Through Ongoing Sporting Events

Indy cars make way for ducklings.

It wasn’t quite “rogue squirrel getting adopted as unofficial World Series mascot,” but the past few days have seen some strong work in the field of animals landing hilariously in the middle of human competitions.

Friday, a mother duck and her five babies somehow found their way onto the track during a practice session for an IndyCar race in Detroit.

ID: 1233860

The session was halted and crew members herded the family to safety.

ID: 1237638

A few little birds literally halting million-dollar automobiles in their tracks? Those are some real mighty ducks! Like the movie! Get it?

The following evening, a husky ran wild during an NCAA Tournament game between Cal-State Fullerton and Arizona State.

ID: 1234182

The dog basically took a tour of the field. Here he (she?) checks out the right fielder.

ID: 1237709

This dog was a dog with a sense of showmanship. Here we see it feint at going out a back fence before turning back to gallop joyfully along the warning track.

ID: 1237733

A dog with places to go and outfielders to see.

ID: 1237743

And finally a graceful exit out left field.

ID: 1237752

Watch the full duck and dog videos below. (It’s too bad the IndyCar clip didn’t include more duck footage.)

ID: 1237761
ID: 1233796
ID: 1233744

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