3 Kickstarter Comics That Need To Become Movies

With the wealth of awesome ideas coming out of creators who turn to Kickstarter for their funding, it seems like it’s only a matter of time before we see more Kickstarter comics being optioned for movie adaptations. Here are a few books we’d like to see make it onto the silver screen:

1. YU+ME: dream

One part high school lesbian love story, one part mind-warping surreal fantasy, YU+ME: dream is a comic that would be right up the alley of directors like Richard Linklater (Waking Life, Before Sunrise). The series itself explores a variety of art styles and mediums (including clay sculpture), making it a dream project for creative visionaries.
At its heart, the book itself is an honest examination love, loss, and the lengths we’ll go to in order to rediscover our happiness. In the hands of a talented enough team, it has the potential to be one to the most touching – and most exciting – films to ever come out of a comic.

2. The Adventures of the 19XX

Dieselpunk doesn’t nearly get as much love in live-action films as it should. The Adventures of the 19XX is one of those books that could finally break that barrier. Reminiscent of The Rocketeer, the comic brings cutting-edge superscience to the early 1900s, where a team of the world’s greatest scientists and adventurers band together in the wake of World War I.
Along the way, they encounter robots, mystical artifacts, ninjas, and the sinister Order of the Black Faun. It’s the kind of high-stakes adventure that guarantees an awesome, eye-popping trailer. A full movie would be nothing short of 2 hours of pure fun. Any group that brings together characters like Nikola Tesla and the world’s most intelligent rabbit is a guaranteed riot.

3. Leaving Megalopolis

Industry superstars Gail Simone and Jim Calafiore team up for Leaving Megalopolis, a concept that might have only seen print thanks to the magic of crowdfunding. In the book, Megalopolis is a city with a dense superhero population, making it one of the safest locales on Earth. When a monster starts turning the heroes into homicidal lunatics, however, things quickly take a horrific turn.

The creature inflicts a maddening amount of pain on super-powered beings, which can be temporarily alleviated by killing normal humans. The situation then turns into a game of cat-and-mouse, where superheroes hunt down the very people they’ve sworn to protect. It’s the sort of genre-shaking story that would translate magnificently into film, thanks to the high tension it creates. Admittedly, though, the book would be bested executed as an R-18 flick.

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