15 Adorable Real Names For Groups Of Animals

These are real names—who knew?

Artwork by:

(Real ages slightly older, but don’t worry about it.)

1. A Business of Ferrets:

Adam Ellis, age 8

2. A Stand of Flamingos:

Tanya Chen, age 7

3. A Gang of Buffalo:

Adam Ellis, age 8

4. A Parliament of Owls:

Adam Ellis, age 8

5. A Sloth of Bears:

Tanya Chen, age 7

6. A Hover of Trout:

Adam Ellis, age 8

7. A Crash of Rhinos:

Tanya Chen, age 7

8. An Intrusion of Cockroaches:

Adam Ellis, age 8

9. A Cackle of Hyenas:

Tanya Chen, adult baby

10. A Team of Oxen

Adam Ellis, giant toddler

11. My Oh My, A Bloat of Hippopotami:

Tanya Chen, full grown adult with crayons

12. An Army of Frogs:

Adam Ellis, child with a beard

13. An Unkindness of Ravens:

Tanya Chen, age 7

14. A Party of Jays:

Tanya Chen, age 7 and a half

15. A Murder of Crows:

Adam Ellis, hairy child

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