The 19 Most Irritating Aspects Of Going To Concerts

On second thought, just take a bath and listen to Beyoncé on Spotify.

1. First off, you can’t see a show without paying a bunch of unnecessary charges to Ticketmaster.

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2. You have to wait around for AGES listening to some generic, nameless DJ.

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3. And then there’s, like, two hours of weird opening acts.

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4. Standing around for hours is uncomfortable, so you constantly shift your feet around so they don’t fall asleep.

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5. If you sit down in a chair, surly youths will ridicule you.

Damn you, surly youths.

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6. Every time you think the headliner is starting and it turns out to just be another sound check, the disappointment is pure and crushing.

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7. The music is usually too fuzzy, or too loud, or there’s too much feedback, or you can barely hear the lead singer.

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8. …unless, of course, it’s an acoustic show, in which case SNOOZEFEST.

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9. There’s always an ocean of smartphones extended above the audience, because everyone need a grainy video to put on Facebook that their friends won’t watch.

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10. Bathroom lines are way too long, and trying to make small talk with other people in line is always awkward.

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11. If you even make it to the bathroom, you feel like you’ll catch all the diseases if you touch anything.

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12. Beer at live shows is CRAZY EXPENSIVE.

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13. And most venues don’t allow you to bring water in. Don’t they know that dehydration is deadly?

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14. Finding ways to sneak in alcohol is always a hassle.

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15. Someone is constantly trying to forcibly push their way through the crowd to the front of the stage.

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16. People try to mosh at the weirdest times. It could be Lilith Fair and you still might get elbowed in the face.

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17. You get squished between sweaty, smelly people who breathe on you with their mouths.

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18. A million people trying to leave a concert venue all at once is probably what hell is like.

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19. The ringing in your ears seems to last for hours.

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But you deal with the frustrations, because you love the music.

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