23 Gifts You Should Give Your Butt For Valentine’s Day

Cherish your butt.

1. New underwear.

Dolce & Gabanna

Victoria's Secret


2. Soft, premium toilet paper.

3. Probiotic yogurt, courtesy of Jamie Lee Curtis.


4. Cute new swimwear.


Victoria's Secret


5. A heart-shaped paper valentine, but turn it upside down so it looks like a butt.

6. A little petite finger.

8. Another butt.

IFC Films

9. Fancy, sensual lube.

10. A classy dildo.

11. …or an assorted selection of buttplugs.

12. A fist, if you’re feeling adventurous.

Flickr: leunix / Creative Commons

13. An ergonomic bicycle seat.

Brooks Saddles

Brooks Saddles


14. Anal bleaching.

Paramount Pictures

15. A ~full~ waxing.

16. A comfy chair.

17. A tattoo.


18. A Sir Mix a Lot CD.

19. A Brazil Butt Lift® exercise DVD set.

Cash Money/Young Money

Cash Money/Young Money

Cash Money/Young Money


20. A lifetime supply of fiber supplements.

Kirkland / Via

21. A colonoscopy.

Chad A. Bascom / Via

22. Some playful spanks.


23. Spanx.


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