30 Crow Puns That Will Have You Squawking With Laughter

These puns are for the birds.

1. Where do crows go to get drunk?

ID: 2862312

2. What kind of crows always stick together?

ID: 2862349

3. What leisurely sport do crows love to play?

ID: 2862304

4. What do you call a criminal crow?

ID: 2862276

5. What are criminal crows afraid of?

ID: 2862280

6. What is a crow’s favorite Netflix original drama series?

ID: 2862292

7. What’s a crow’s favorite magazine?

Jen Lewis
ID: 2862345

8. Where do crows listen to live music?

ID: 2862298

9. How do crows communicate between offices?

ID: 2862267

10. Who is a crow’s favorite actor?

Universal Pictures
ID: 2862274

11. Who is a crow’s least favorite actress?

ID: 2862275

12. What do crows drink to stay awake?

ID: 2862283

13. What do older Jewish crow ladies drink to stay awake?

ID: 2862286

14. What’s a crow’s favorite vegetable?

Etbe / Via en.wikipedia.org
ID: 2862261

15. What kind of articles do crows write?

ID: 2862295

16. What do crows wear on Halloween?

ID: 2862311

17. Who brings presents to crows on Christmas?

ID: 2862336

18. What do lil’ baby crows call their poop?

ID: 2862355

19. What do crows type on?

ID: 2862374

20. What do crows walk on through Boston’s scenic Beacon Hill neighborhood?

ID: 2862381

21. What did the one crowbro do to his fellow crowbro that caused a female crow to lose interest in him sexually?

ID: 2862384

22. What’s it called when crows line up to dance?

ID: 2862397

23. What giant grocery store do crows love to shop at?

ID: 2862402

24. Who do crows talk to to resolve problems in the workplace?

ID: 2862928

25. What body part was very pronounced on the extremely skinny crow model?

ID: 2862548

26. Who is a crow’s favorite Asian news reporter?

ID: 2862975

27. Who is a crow’s second favorite Asian news reporter?

ID: 2862989

28. Who is a crow’s favorite bratty hormonal book character from the ’50s?

from the novel CAWtcher in the Rye.

ID: 2863090

29. What’s a crow’s favorite nutty dessert?

ID: 2863055

30. What do you call two crows just hanging around?

ID: 2862422

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