U.S. Ice Dancers Charlie White And Meryl Davis Are Basically A Real Life Disney Prince And Princess

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1. With a bronze medal already in hand for the team event and a gold medal in their sights for ice dancing (Update: They won!), U.S. figure skaters Meryl Davis and Charlie White are having a tremendous Olympics so far.

Matthew Stockman / Getty

2. But let’s focus on something else for the moment: THESE PEOPLE LOOK LIKE REAL LIFE DISNEY CHARACTERS.

Nhat V. Meyer/Bay Area News Group / MCT

3. Look at her face. IT IS THE FACE OF A PRINCESS. All glow-y and glittery and whatnot.

Lucy Nicholson / Reuters

4. LOOK AT HIS HAIR. It is long and flowy and looks perfectly coiffed even in the middle of competition. HOW DOES IT LOOK LIKE THAT?

Chuck Myers / MCT


Chuck Myers / MCT

6. Their freakish perfection is the talk of Twitter.

I'm convinced that Charlie White and Meryl Davis are a Disney prince and princess come to life. #Sochi2014

Meryl Davis & Charlie White are so perf. Can never get over those two team figure skaters. They can pass as a Disney Princess and Prince

9. With Meryl drawing comparisons to Aladdin’s Jasmine.

10. And Charlie being compared to Kristoff of Frozen.

11. Basically, someone at Disney needs to put these two in a movie, STAT.

Harry E. Walker / MCT

12. Charlie + Meryl 4ever.

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