31 People Who Will Make You Feel Better About Your Culinary Abilities

We can’t all be 5-star chefs.

1. Anyone whose pot is overflowing with whatever this is.

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2. The person who is American as apple pie. Really, really messed up apple pie.

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3. Anyone who thinks this is a valid attempt at mac and cheese.

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4. The person who managed to explode an egg.

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5. Whoever managed to set fire to their pasta.

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6. Anyone using a hairdryer and an iron as their main cooking utensils.

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7. The person who forgot how to oven.

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8. Whoever had the bottom (of the pot) fall out from under them.

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9. The person who finally put that tennis racket to good use.

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10. Anyone who literally can’t get dried pasta off their pot.

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11. Anyone who microwaves entire jars like this.

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12. Anyone for whom Easy Mac isn’t easy.

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13. The person who warmed their food with computer chargers.

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14. Anyone whose pot lid looks just like a spider web.

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15. Anyone who needs new appliances after making a simple breakfast.

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16. Whoever just couldn’t cut this onion.

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17. Anyone who’s going to need a full kitchen remodel soon.

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18. The person who almost ate a towel.

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19. The person who totally nailed these pumpkin treats.

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20. Anyone whose toast is going to be a little too burnt.

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21. Anyone who can’t even handle bread.

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22. Anyone whose meal is so burnt, it looks like a hockey puck.

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23. The person who didn’t quite leave enough space in between cookies.

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24. Anyone whose pan looks like it was just recovered from the bottom of the sea after 100 years of being taken over by coral and stuff.

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25. Anyone whose food needs a vet.

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26. The person who’s going to have a hard time getting those out of the muffin tin.

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27. The person who deformed their attempt at this adorable pancake.

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28. Anyone who can’t grasp hardboiled eggs.

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29. The person who’s going to have a lot of oven cleanup to do.

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30. Whoever…um…this.

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31. And Jennifer Lawrence in American Hustle.

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