This Rap Encouraging Women To Go Get Pap Smears Is Absolutely Incredible

Never has health care been quite so catchy.

1. Nadia Kamil, a Welsh writer, actress, and comedian, recently put together this hilariously informative music video encouraging women to get pap smears.

ID: 2770461

2. The Pap Rap even comes with it’s own built-in hashtag, #SocialMediaSmearPioneer

ID: 2770465

3. Which, as you can see, is actually doing pretty well.

ID: 2770467

4. And, in the spirit of the video, Kamil even live-tweeted one of her own pap smear appointments.

ID: 2770473

5. Yay for fun music videos!

ID: 2770470

6. But, even more importantly — yay for sexual health!

ID: 2770472

Learn more, then book your own appointment or encourage the women in your life to do so!

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