This Guy Is Turning Himself Into A Real Live Gap Mannequin

He really puts the “man” in mannequin. via The Gap Mannequin Project.

1. Steve Venegas is a Vancouver-based media specialist and podcast host.

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2. But now he’s decided to add a new line to his resume - real life Gap mannequin.

ID: 2227833

3. He tries on the exact outfits being worn by the mannequins and then copies their poses to re-create mannequin style in real life.

ID: 2227838

4. And he’s pretty darn accurate.

ID: 2227888

7. Who wore it better? My money’s on Steve.

ID: 2227861

10. Throwing some fantastic side-eye in the direction of the mannequin.

ID: 2227876

12. So fashionably pensive.

ID: 2227891

14. Props for that great “middle-aged WASP vacationing on Cape Cod” sweater tying technique.

ID: 2227881

16. Looking good, Steve. Looking good.

ID: 2227870

17. Check out The Gap Mannequin Project for even more.

h/t Death and Taxes

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