26 Simple Pleasures That Instantly Brighten Your Day

It’s the little things in life.

1. Waving your hand in front of an automatic paper towel dispenser.

And feeling like a wizard afterward.

2. Taking off your shoes and socks at the end of a long day.

3. A good yawn.

4. The crisp pop when you open a can of soda.

5. A clean rip.

Look at those perfect edges.

6. The sweet release that accompanies a really good knuckle-cracking session.

7. Opening an envelope without leaving scraggly edges.

8. When your non-stick pan works perfectly.

Fox / Via

10. Opening a new book for the very first time.

The smell. The texture. It’s just so…amazing.

11. Socks right from the dryer.

12. Getting into the shower when the water is at the exact perfect temperature.

Sony Pictures / Via

13. Tapping your fingers along to your favorite music.

14. The cozy embrace of your comforter.

15. Watching a drop of rain cascading slowly down the window.

16. A hug with someone you love.

17. Biting into a crunchy apple.

18. Catching a snowflake on the tip of your tongue.

Unless you’re a pug.

19. When you remove a sticker and don’t leave behind any residue.

Sticker residue was created by the devil: fact.

20. Finding the last parking space.

21. Perfectly broken chopsticks.

Look at how evenly sized those are.

22. Clicking with wild abandon.

23. Dancing on a moving walkway.

Feist / Via

24. Successfully twisting an Oreo.

So that the creme doesn’t come apart at all.

25. Going through a revolving door over and over.

New Line Cinema / Via

And over and over.

26. And any time you see a good friend.

And you realize how truly you are loved.

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