17 Ways You Are Older Than The Rest Of Your Friends

“It’s 11 p.m. and you guys want to go out now?”

1. They arrive at a party and immediately hit the dance floor.

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You arrive at a party and look for a corner to go sit down in.

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2. They love meeting new people all the time.

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You can’t deal with all of the hooligans you guys seem to encounter.

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3. They mosh to the front of any concert you go to.

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You’re happy to just stand in back, not going too crazy.

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4. They’re all about taking shots.

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You’d much rather spend the night nursing a glass of wine.

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5. Oh, and while they can chug a ton of alcohol and still feel fine…

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Even the smallest bit of alcohol is guaranteed to make you all giggly.

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6. They’re constantly snapchatting each other.

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You can’t deal with all those fancy phone contraptions.

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7. They always want the music cranked loud.

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You don’t understand how their eardrums can handle that much noise.

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8. Their idea of a fun Friday night involves heading to the club.

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If you go out on Friday, you’d much rather just go to the movies.

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9. They’re willing to stay up all night long in the name of fun.

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Even if you’re having a good time, you know going to bed always trumps staying out.

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10. They love watching the latest 3D blockbusters.

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You’d much rather stay home and watch a quiet foreign drama on the couch.

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11. Their apartments are always a huge mess.

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You make sure to keep everything neat and tidy.

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12. They love to get all dressed up in “hot” outfits.

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Your idea of getting all dressed up involves decidedly un-hot, but SUPER COMFY, pajamas.

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13. They love to make spontaneous decisions.

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You need to think through each situation before acting.

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14. They’re keeping up with the Kardashians.

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You’re keeping up with the latest trends on HGTV.

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15. They never want to deal with figuring out the bill when you go out to eat.

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So of course, you’re always the one who ends up dividing up the bill and tip for everyone.

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16. Their idea of preparing dinner involves plastic utensils.

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Whereas you’d much prefer to throw a fancy dinner party.

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17. They love their youth.

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But you know that being old is really where it’s at.

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