23 Random Juxtapositions That Probably Shouldn’t Exist

There are some things that just shouldn’t be put next to each other.

1. When this dog was grossly defamed.

ID: 2269174

2. When the Lakers were shocked by what they saw above them.

ID: 2269017

3. When we learned what’s really going on in the women’s bathroom.

Flickr: justinsomnia / Creative Commons
ID: 2302298

4. When we celebrated the return of heroin.

ID: 2269106

5. When this beer ad showed up in the worst possible place.

ID: 2302321

6. When these billboards gave mixed messages about nutrition.

ID: 2269171

7. When this quote from V for Vendetta took on a whole new meaning.

ID: 2269009

8. When the ticker at the bottom of the screen made this unfortunate pronouncement.

ID: 2302326

9. When this sign was placed next to the graveyard.

ID: 2268458

10. And when we were reminded of how “fun” it is.

ID: 2269014

11. When this man showed off his subway-chic t-shirt.

ID: 2269008

12. When Jack Nicholson seemed to grow out quite a nice new hairdo.

ID: 2302259

13. When Batman got all dressed up to eat a hotdog.

ID: 2269088

14. When two very different kinds of ovens were advertised.

ID: 2269183

15. When this duck was sure to stay vigilant.

ID: 2302315

16. When this guy looked a little too excited about bestiality.

ID: 2269093

17. When these billboards played a game of cause and effect.

ID: 2302187

18. When we all sincerely hoped that the butcher shop isn’t getting its meat from the neighbors.

ID: 2302290

19. When we learned why this lady isn’t quite like other girls.

ID: 2269050

20. When this guy immediately regretted becoming a new species.

ID: 2269142

21. When this baby had a really legit reason to be crying.

ID: 2269165

22. When the “hope ahead” was a bit counterintuitive.

ID: 2269177

23. And when the billboard on the right threw some major shade at the guy to the left.

ID: 2302198

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