22 People Who Will Make You Reassess Your Life Decisions

They know how to handle their priorities.

1. This guy who knows a good Whopper is the best medicine.

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2. Anyone who needs candles THIS badly.

Seriously, why I am not spending $3,600 on candles right now?

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3. Anyone who knows what truly makes a home.

ID: 1791324

4. Anyone getting such good use out of their fridge.

ID: 1792871

5. This kid who really knows the value of chilled sneakers.

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6. Anyone with a paper due tomorrow.

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7. This kid who knows the true importance of reading.

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8. This kid who totally understands the importance of going viral.

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9. Whoever needs their Cheetos THIS badly.

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10. Anyone who recognizes the equal importance of medical emergencies and free food.

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11. Anyone who knows exactly how important the internet is.

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12. Adam, because grammar should always be your number one concern.

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13. This man who knows who really needs to be on a leash.

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14. This girl who knows there’s no point of emergency treatment if you don’t look good getting it.

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15. Anyone who does their dishes like this.

ID: 1792651

16. Anyone who blocks off two hours of puppy time daily.

ID: 1792676

17. This kid who totally knows what to ask for if he ever meets a genie.

ID: 1791311

18. This kid who really needs somewhere to eat his bananas.

ID: 1792717

19. Michael, who gets all of his pleasure from YouTube.

ID: 1792887

20. Walt Jr., who places a hearty breakfast above EVERYTHING else.

ID: 1792942

21. CNN, because those damn bags are REALLY annoying and need to be exposed.

Finally a news source that has their priorities in order. cc- @Didochka @MehcadBrooks @ThomasSadoski @billmaher

— Christina Ochoa (@christina_ochoa)

Christina Ochoa


Finally a news source that has their priorities in order. cc- @Didochka @MehcadBrooks @ThomasSadoski @billmaher

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ID: 1791526

22. And Magnus.

Jesse approves.

ID: 1792431

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