20 People Having A Way Tougher Day At Work Than You

It’s been a long day at the office for these people.

1. Anyone who was hoping to make some copies today.

2. Anybody hoping to take a bathroom break in peace.

3. Whoever sits right below this part of the ceiling.

4. The warehouse worker who totally misread those signs.

5. These two people who should really save their acrobatics for the gym or something.

6. Anyone who needs this secretary to look something up for them.

Ugh, she’s so unhelpful.

7. Whoever dropped the spoon scoop into the spoon drawer and ruined lunch for everyone.

Now what do I do?!?

8. Anyone who just realized that the downfall to their clever business name.

9. The guy who got so totally screwed over by the stapler.

10. Clint, because he totally forgot how important the perfect font is.

11. Anyone hoping to climb this ladder to fix the broken lightbulb.

12. Anyone whose keyboard has been turned into an impromptu garden.

13. Or the guy who is expected to use this keyboard.

“Oh, look, a nice message. ‘I love…’ OH GOD NO.”

14. Whoever forgot to close the factory door during the snowstorm last night.

15. Anyone hoping to eat today.

16. Anyone who fell prey to the cheese-slice bandit.

How dare someone disrespect cheese like that?

17. The guy who has to deal with the annoying foil crinkling noises all day.

18. Anyone who showed up late to this meeting.

And couldn’t figure out what was going on.

19. Anyone whose cubicle has been taken over by Beliebers.

20. And the guy who just wants everyone to be serious and focused on their work for once.

Not gonna happen.

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