17 Hilariously Inappropriate Movie Marquees

Wait, what did the Fantastic Four do?

1. Don’t judge the penguins. They chose celibacy.

ID: 3520058

2. Can’t believe Julia Roberts would sign on to a movie like this.

ID: 3519930

3. Suck their blood, right? This is about blood?

ID: 3520044

4. Whispers: *Psst. Just do it. All the cool kids are doing it. Come on.*

ID: 3520053

5. Pick a side, guys.

ID: 3520055

6. The first in a series of unfortunate pregnancies.

ID: 3520062

7. Um, I think you can only get knocked up once every nine months?

ID: 3520546

8. Definitely not genetically possible, but just go with it.

ID: 3520536

9. All of them at once?

ID: 3523489

10. Come on, guys. Someone needs to teach movie characters about contraception.

ID: 3520538

11. No please just don’t do this please no it’s not ok.

ID: 3520070

12. wighfjsldkgwhsknsd nooooooooooo

ID: 3520537

13. Crocodile Dundee is really getting around, apparently.

ID: 3520545

14. Points for historical accuracy.

ID: 3520470

15. You probably shouldn’t announce your crimes ahead of time.

ID: 3523502

16. Tbh would watch just to see how it works.

ID: 3520525

17. Literally how did this even happen. Marquee makers: GET IT TOGETHER.

ID: 3523438

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