NBC Correspondent Repeatedly Asks Bode Miller About His Brother’s Death During Post-Race Interview

Bode Miller was asked several questions by NBC reporter Christin Cooper about his recently deceased brother. Many viewers felt the questions were too invasive. UPDATE: Miller tweets that he doesn’t believe Cooper was “trying to cause pain.”

1. American alpine skier Bode Miller won the bronze medal in Sunday’s Super-G competition, giving him a total of six Olympic medals over his career — the most of any U.S. skier.

Leonhard Foeger / Reuters

Miller, far right, on the podium with, from left to right, silver medalist Andrew Weibrecht of the United States, gold medalist Kjetil Jansrud of Norway, and co-bronze medalist Jan Hudec of Canada.

3. During Miller’s post-race interview with NBC, journalist Christin Cooper asked Miller about his brother Chelone, who died of an apparent seizure in 2013.

Leonhard Foeger / Reuters

4. Miller became noticeably emotional during Cooper’s line of questioning, which continued until Miller crouched to the ground, seemingly unable to continue with the interview. USA Today’s FTW site has the transcript.

Leonhard Foeger / Reuters

5. Many viewers, reacting online, felt Cooper went too far.

15. Miller’s wife Morgan was seen comforting him after the interview.

Mike Segar / Reuters

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