21 Pictures That Prove That Moms Know Everything

She’s been telling you for years, and it’s totally true: Mother knows best.

1. First of all, moms are super resourceful. This mom doesn’t need water to enjoy her kayak.

Way to go, mom!

ID: 2855631

2. And they always know how to make the most out of a good deal.

ID: 2855357

3. Naturally, moms know how to make sure you’re getting all the nutrients you need.

ID: 2856481

4. And they will never stop educating you, even as you climb the ladder of academia.

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5. For example, they’ll make sure you learn the importance of telling the truth in any situation.

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6. Plus, they have the most perfect ways to help calm your nerves in times of pressure.

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7. No matter what ails you, you can be sure that your mom knows EXACTLY how to make it better.

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8. And if you’re having social issues, they know exactly how to make you the most popular kid around.

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9. Moms are super savvy when it comes to getting you to do your chores.

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10. And they aren’t afraid to keep you in line when you start getting too dependent on technology.

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11. So when she asks you to do something, you do it — because she’s way too smart to deal with your bullshit.

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12. Moms are also some of the greatest improvisers on the planet.

“No birthday candles? Well, this will do.”

ID: 2855415

13. This mom, for example, brilliantly improvised a way to help people tell her quadruplets apart.

STR / AFP / Getty Images


ID: 2862874

14. This mom couldn’t figure out how to take a screenshot on her phone, but, like all moms, she was crafty enough to figure out a workaround.

ID: 2855479

15. Also, moms are total geniuses when it comes to construction.

ID: 2855664

16. And, naturally, a mom’s intelligence is rivaled only by her unparalleled artistic abilities.

ID: 2862701

17. Because, of course, moms understand the importance of following instructions exactly to the letter.

ID: 2863061

18. At the same time, moms know how to have some clever fun at your expense — like when this mom pranked her kids.

(This knife had broken in half, fyi.)

ID: 2855385

19. And they always know the perfect way to respond to a wrong number.

ID: 2855606

20. Most importantly, no matter what, moms know the power of being supportive when their children need it most.

ID: 2855542

21. (Oh, and all those secrets you think you’ve hid from her over the years? Yeah, she knows them all, too.)


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