19 Kids Who Can’t Be Trusted To Do Anything Right

Ban children.

1. These kids who can’t even perform a goddamn magic trick without causing collateral damage.

ID: 3586588

2. This kid was supposed to create an insightful poster about germ-prevention techniques. Instead they gave us this.

ID: 3586269

3. All this kid had to do was open the door politely, but even that was too much.

ID: 3586291

4. This kid was supposed to find a good place on the beach to relax and instead came up with this brilliant plan.

ID: 3586585

5. This kid who wouldn’t even walk down the aisle in the store properly and had to be carried.

ID: 3585781

6. These horrendous hide-and-seek players.

ID: 3585750

7. The kid who can’t even summarize Toy Story correctly.

ID: 3585911

8. The girl who did way more “slip” than “slide.”

ID: 3586106

9. And her similarly aquatically challenged comrade.

ID: 3586134

10. This girl who can’t even sit in a chair, plus drops a perfectly good bowl of food. SMH.

ID: 3585934

11. The girl who somehow thought that cleanup time involved STICKING HERSELF IN A SHELF.

ID: 3585754

12. The kid who seriously couldn’t even figure out how to fluff up ONE DAMN COUCH PILLOW.

ID: 3585752

13. The kid who couldn’t even make his way up to bat without screwing it all up.

ID: 3586158

14. This tyke who seriously doesn’t even have the ability to play on a playground without getting hurt.

ID: 3586178

15. This kid who honestly can’t even JUST STAY ON THE SWING LIKE SERIOUSLY KID COME ON.

ID: 3586204

16. This kid is just straight-up licking his hand. Come. On. Kid.

ID: 3586225

17. This kid can’t even climb one branch on a damn tree before totally messing it all up.

ID: 3586491

18. This kid really shouldn’t have been entrusted to carry that box down to storage.

ID: 3585733

19. This kid who honestly could have made even the slightest contact and the snow would have fallen over, AND YET.

ID: 3586589

And this is why you should never trust kids to do anything properly.

ID: 3586607

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