49 Of The Most Important Dog GIFs Of All Time

These are the dogs who have made us laugh, made us cry, and made us question the sanity of our canine friends.

49. The dog who got just a little too excited at the last minute.

ID: 3139925

48. This unexpected reveal.

ID: 3142029

47. The pup who can’t believe this other dog is trying to take over his territory.

ID: 3139884

46. This circuitous sprinter.

ID: 3139869

45. This sneaky thief.

ID: 3142031

44. This dog who did not see that paper coming.

ID: 3139923

43. This dog who proves that when nature calls, sometimes you’ve just gotta answer.

Even in the middle of an important agility contest.

ID: 3139882

42. This patient pup.

ID: 3140090

41. This dog who just CAN’T with bathtime right now.

ID: 3139789

40. The dog who is totally over the cat’s bullshit.

ID: 3139641

39. This dachshund just hanging out with his friend, the lion.

ID: 3139797

38. This creature who is DEFINITELY a unicorn.

Yep, this is a unicorn.

ID: 3142030

37. The huskies who figured they’d give crawling a try, too.

ID: 3139787

36. This dog who just completed his first major piano recital.

ID: 3139659

35. This phenomenal Christmas present.

ID: 3139660

34. The dance of the pug-vengers.

ID: 3139871

33. This dog who WILL NOT STAND for getting wet.

ID: 3139650

32. The pup who really shouldn’t have been given a driver’s license.

ID: 3139658

31. This total copycat.

ID: 3139834

30. The dog who is never wearing socks again.

ID: 3139914

29. This corgi, learning the hard way that sniffing butts isn’t always the best idea.

ID: 3139851

28. This dog helping a baby achieve her dream.

ID: 3139648

27. The dog dealing with the most literal “cat got your tongue?” ever.

ID: 3139802

26. This vindictive troublemaker.

ID: 3139788

25. This ridiculously cute burrito.

ID: 3139912

24. The dog who jumped a moment too soon.

ID: 3139966

23. This pooch who is ready for a good night’s sleep.

ID: 3139917

22. These adorable workout partners.

ID: 3139856

21. The pooch just saying “toodle-oo!”

ID: 3139859

20. This watermelon-lovin’ pug.

ID: 3139698

19. This dog comforting a friend in need.

ID: 3139656

18. This dachshund just tucking in for the night.

ID: 3139798

17. And this dachshund making sure the bed is comfy.

ID: 3139799

16. This dog who is truly and utterly appalled by what you just did.

ID: 3139919

15. The dog who does not want or need your kisses.

ID: 3139833

14. The dog who got stuck in the sofa.

ID: 3139972

13. These running pugs.

ID: 3140028

12. This corgi, a pioneer amongst dogs wearing lifejackets.

ID: 3139854

11. The waverider.

ID: 3139646

10. This dog enjoying a nice vacuuming.

Gotta stay clean, ya know?

ID: 3139651

9. The pug puppy having the best time ever with this blowdryer.

ID: 3139689

8. The chow pup having some trouble with this bowl.

ID: 3139794

7. The dog proving that everyone loves a good head massage.

ID: 3139920

6. The greatest stampede of all time.

ID: 3139849

5. This stunning artiste.

ID: 3139654

4. This mini finger biter.

ID: 3139875

3. This pug who just DARES you to say that again.

Yeah, that’s what I thought.

ID: 3139836

2. These synchronized tumblers.

Animal Planet / Via petsworld.in
ID: 3139691

1. And this sleepy air-swimmer.


ID: 3139686

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