22 Hilariously Inappropriate Mistranslations

Because sometimes Google Translate just isn’t enough…

1. Until exploded? You sure?

ID: 3290308

2. Yes, this is an ob/gyn department, but this is still a bit harsh, no?

ID: 3290365

3. I’m not sure that’s such a good mixer for whiskey.

ID: 3290384

4. Lots of options to go with that whiskey.

ID: 3290396

5. Well I guess you can have some more if you really need it.

ID: 3290311

6. Is that part of the cooking process?

ID: 3290312

7. Not usually something that comes with hot dogs.

ID: 3290316

8. Mom, this is not the day to tell us that.

ID: 3290319

9. Wait, where did you put my food?

ID: 3290323

10. Yeah, fuck that price.

ID: 3290358

11. Finally, no more red ass.

ID: 3290373

12. Where all of the chicken murder takes place. At a good price, too!

ID: 3290317

13. Well, if it’s free.

ID: 3290377

14. Agreed.

ID: 3290380

15. Time sex? What?

Flickr: keso / Creative Commons
ID: 3290388

16. Thanks for offering a helping hand!

ID: 3290393

17. Everyone deserves soup.

ID: 3290402

18. If you come to this parking lot, you better really come to this parking lot.

Flickr: togawanderings / Creative Commons
ID: 3290411

19. I actually prefer my crap when it isn’t spicy.

Flickr: togawanderings / Creative Commons
ID: 3290414

20. “Soon fuck the sex.”

ID: 3290420

21. Ball-oon party.

ID: 3290422

22. “Bill has a cock. His cock is big.”

ID: 3290425

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