23 Experiences That Make You Proud To Be A Homebody

Homebodies, assemble! But, like, online or something so we can all stay in bed.

According to all the judgmental party people, though, it just means you’re weird – and you’ve started to believe them.

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But no more, because henceforth, “homebody” is no longer an insult.

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1. Being a homebody means you’ve got tons of time to perfect your hobbies, like baking delicious brownies.

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And eating the entire tin yourself, because YOU HAVE THAT RIGHT.

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2. Or maybe you’re at home creating sartorial masterpieces.

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3. Can you enjoy the pleasures of a good book out at the club? NO, I THINK NOT.

Staying home improves your literacy, basically.

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4. And you know better than anyone else how to perfectly time your food delivery to come just when your Netflix episode is ending.

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5. Even if your hobby is just napping, you’ve turned it into an artform.

Naps aren’t just for sleeping. They’re a way of life.

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6. Plus, being a homebody means you get the benefit of NOT HAVING TO WEAR REAL CLOTHES while you do all that.

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7. So you can rock your favorite, most comfortable pair of pajamas whenever you want.

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Or, on the weekend, just never change out of them.

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8. You also appreciate your furniture more than anybody else does.

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9. And you don’t care if anyone judges you for never wanting to get up.

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10. And you’ve got a strong sense of self that never wavers when people threaten your homebody-ness.

Way to stick to your guns. And your bed.

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11. That’s because, as a homebody, you’ve got a better grasp on your finances and health than anyone else.

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12. If you do need to leave the house, you’re savvy enough to get something good out of it.

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“Yeah, I’ll come…if you pay for the cab.”

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13. And when your friends get tired, they turn to you for advice on how to end the night.

Why, yes, I can recommend a good movie to watch in bed.

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14. Because they know you’re the best person to go to when their big night out doesn’t turn out as planned.

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15. Home is where you can get french fry crumbs all over your blankets and not feel guilty about it.

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16. Home is where you can sit in the bath until your skin is more wrinkled than a Shar Pei.

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17. Home is where you can marathon the entire Matrix trilogy in one night JUST BECAUSE.

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18. So come on - you’re strong enough to speak the truth without fear of retribution.

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19. It’s time to get nice and comfortable.

Dress for the job you want, not the one you have, so I want to be a...homebody?

— kristiana r (@ksrobotheart)

kristiana r


Dress for the job you want, not the one you have, so I want to be a…homebody?

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20. And do what you really want to do.

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21. Because the Homebody Mantra is real and beautiful.

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22. And, even if you like to stay home by yourself, as a homebody you are never alone.


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23. So you know what? Someday, those party animals will wish that they were you.

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