A Foolproof Guide To Turning A Rough Day Around

Everyone has rough days sometimes, but this post is here to help make you feel better.

1. First, look at this — perhaps the most important picture on the entire internet — and remember that DOGS EXIST!

ID: 3302407

2. And since looking at dogs is always a good idea, let’s check out these cuties.

ID: 3302253

3. And this one.

ID: 3302273

4. And this nimble and athletic pup.

ID: 3303183


ID: 3302305

6. If those dogs didn’t work, consider attending this, the greatest pool party of all time.

ID: 3302313

7. Or try to figure out which one is the real dog and which is a balloon. It’s difficult, but you can do it.

ID: 3302371

8. Now take a moment to laugh at something ridiculous, like this guy’s big blue behind.

ID: 3302386

9. Or this kid’s accidentally hilarious spelling error.

ID: 3304634

10. A corny joke is always a good way to cheer up.

CBS Television Distribution / iraffiruse.net

ID: 3303272

11. (Seriously, corny jokes are great.)

ID: 3303280

(Quick adorable puppy break.)

ID: 3302336

12. Now look at this graffiti. It really wants you to succeed.

ID: 3302701

13. So does this lawnmower.

ID: 3302808

14. And this bathroom stall.

ID: 3304243

15. Just look how happy this subway pole is. Be the subway pole.

ID: 3303809

16. Moving on: remember, your job could be going much, much worse.

ID: 3303847

17. Your desk isn’t covered in wrapping paper.

ID: 3303854

18. You didn’t make this huge mess in the middle of the office.

ID: 3305044

19. And you didn’t give your business this unfortunate name.

ID: 3305054

(Quick adorable puppy break.)

ID: 3302400

20. Now look at this elderly couple who still know how to have fun like children.

ID: 3303229

21. Remember that someone, somewhere, had this bucket of puppies.

ID: 3302441

22. Look at this little guy eating carrots.

ID: 3304345

23. Now watch this tiny fella eating a tiny burrito.

ID: 3304360

24. And check out this caterpillar having a birthday party.

ID: 3303966

25. Most importantly, remember that everyone falls down sometimes.

ID: 3304775

26. Even celebrities like Scarlett Johansson.

Stockpix / INFphoto.com
ID: 3304915

27. And that it’s OK to stumble.

KOIN-6 / Via deadspin.com
ID: 3305504
  1. 28. Now take this really easy quiz.
    1. Yes.
ID: 3305221

29. And if nothing else has stuck, at least listen to this tiny cactus.

ID: 3302322

Because no matter how down you might feel now, you can do it.

ID: 3305157

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