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    • accioalto

      While I do agree with a dress code like this, it’s actually quite difficult to find clothing that complies with it. The fashion industry today seems to be focused on making clothes that shows “too much” and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find a nice blouse or shirt that isn’t a tank top or doesn’t have a plunging neckline. Same thing with shorts and jeans, they’re almost all low rise short shorts or skinny jeans. Another thing is, girls should not be blamed for “distracting” other students. If there’s a poster on a wall in a classroom and a student isn’t paying attention because they’re staring at it, they don’t blame the poster, nor does the teacher remove it so as to not distract the student. If male students get distracted by a girl’s clothing and the girl is being blamed for the boy’s lack of self-control, that really says something about how our society has deteriorated. Men can’t just blame females for every mistake a male makes (although the do try and this is one example of it). True, some girls are just whining and want to wear what they want, but it really is hard to find things deemed “appropriate” today, especially for teens. Don’t blame the girls, blame the boys who can’t get their priorities straight and the fashion industry that’s capitalizing on the objectification of females