My Second Grade Journal

In September of 1991, I started the second grade. A running assignment throughout the school year was a journal in which we had to write a few sentences and a draw an illustration. Here are some highlights. [Ed. note: this is part of our keepsake show and tell project!]

4. I had solutions to the world’s problems!

Somewhere along the way, I stopped wanting to be a “nuwcler fizasist”

“Send more troops to gard irack and baendbag and urest him” I had views on the Gulf War only slightly less nuanced than George W Bush! (hat’s a Kuwaiti oil fire. And baendbag = Baghdad).

9. I had no idea how to spell “karate”


“karotiy” - also this is exactly how the New York City transit system is perceived by children.

16. I know when I saw these classic movies:

Terminator 2

19. And I had profound ideas about friendship

21. Check out my entire second grade journal!

Twenty Years Ago, In The Second Grade

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