Weekend Picks [10-29/10-30]

Because some of you were offline for more than 48 hours.

1. The Texting Bride

Wedding videographer Jim Costa writes: “I shot [this] in August 2008 at the Mission Beach Women’s Club in San Diego. The minister was busy reading his opening comments, and her back was to everyone in attendance. I was the only one to see her. Her dad glanced over at her and then saw me doing a double-take and began to laugh out loud.” [link]

2. Stuff I Don’t Need

The most indecisive shopper of all time. [link]

3. Tokyo Time-Lapse Set To Blade Runner Soundtrack

Video available at: http://vimeo.com/30300114.

Voight-Kampff geekery. [link]

4. Florida Trooper Arrests Miami Officer For Speeding

Officer Fausto Lopez got the clinks for going 120 mph down the freeway — in his patrol car. [link]

5. Green Lando


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