10 Ways "Thrift Shop" Has Ruined Hip-Hop (And Parodies)

No. Just, no. A bunch of companies from the incubator program 500 Startups just got together to make a “Thrift Shop” parody 8 months late. And it’s horrible. This is all your fault, Macklemore.

This is all your fault.

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1. There are people who actually invested in these people. We’re talking millions here.

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2. Please don’t bully these kids in the future. It’s not their fault. I repeat, it’s not their fault.

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3. This video made Pikachu want to go into the Pokeball.

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4. 10 out of 10 “Thrift Shop” marriages end in divorce.

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5. The number of people that look like Macklemore is TOO DAMN HIGH.

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6. And you thought “White Chicks” was bad.

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7. This is why Sega went under.

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8. I’m sorry Obama. =/

Even the NRA does not approve this message.

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9. Take the song out and this video may have been on to something.

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10. This comment sums this video up well: “Spent 10 grand on a TV…has a Toshiba laptop.”

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Does it depress you? How bad these really are?

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Macklemore stomping all over your hip-hop playlists.

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