24 Signs You Spent Summers On Cape Cod

Nobody can stop you from pretending you’re having a Cape Cod summer right this very moment. Nobody.

1. 1. You’ve had family arguments about which bridge to take.

The Sagamore Bridge generally has a little less traffic…

ID: 1799775

…but the Bourne Bridge has that iconic sign that makes you feel like you’re entering the Jazz Age.

ID: 1799776

3. 2. Who needs Google Maps, when you can use your own arm as a map of the Cape?

ID: 1799739

4. 3. When you first get to the beach, you can’t help doing this.

James Kochalka / Via everythingcapecod.tumblr.com
ID: 1799736

5. 4. You understand the concept of low tide on a visceral level.

Which is better, walking at low tide or swimming at high tide? Don’t make me choose!

ID: 1799861

6. 5. When photographers talk about that magic Cape Cod light, you feel like they have a direct line to your soul.

Samantha Decker / Facebook: ttgphotoblog
ID: 1799900

Be right back, weeping.

ID: 1800252

8. 6. Cape Cod Potato Chips somehow taste even better in their natural habitat.

Cathy Chaplin / Via f-word.tumblr.com

Maybe it’s the natural sea salt coming in with the breeze.

ID: 1799803

9. 7. You’ve seen actual cranberries in the wild.

Matt Suess / Via pinterest.com
ID: 1799902

How do you get to this place? Just take Cranberry Highway. That is an actual name of a road in real life.

ID: 1799904

11. 8. You’ve learned all the unwritten rules of mini golf.

Diandra Sawyer / Via pinterest.com

If a smaller group has caught up to you, let them play through. It’s the Cape Cod way.

ID: 1800257

12. 9. You feel sorry for anyone who has never experienced fried clams.

ID: 1800273

Other fried seafood is acceptable too, but fried clams = the Cape.

ID: 1800277

14. 10. You don’t think summer is complete if you don’t break out the lobster bib.

Bruce Weber / Via vanityfair.com
ID: 1800280

Wait, which Kennedy is that again?

ID: 1800284

16. 11. You’ve had a meaningful friendship with a hermit crab.

Mark Lotterhand / Via flickr.com

Hermit crabs > regular crabs.

ID: 1800540

17. 12. You’re pretty sure there’s a law that you must go swimming at least once a day.

Michael Hurcomb / Via tumblr.com
ID: 1800532

19. 13. You know that Provincetown was embracing same sex marriage since before it was cool.

ID: 1800340

20. 14. When you go whale watching, there will be whales.

Miranda Hosier / Via tumblr.com
ID: 1800508

22. 15. You can tell people you’ve biked the most beautiful bike path on earth.

Bike the rail trail. Go swimming. Eat Seafood. Repeat.

ID: 1800290

23. 16. You have a very positive association with the word “shingles.”

Beth Colt / Via woodsholeinn.com

Everything looks better with shingles on it. The more weathered, the better.

ID: 1800482

24. 17. You got to see all the best players in the majors when they were still in college…

ID: 1800298

25. …and it still pisses you off that they filmed Summer Catch in North Carolina.

Jessica Biel in a bikini will not distract from the fact that this is not Cape Cod!

ID: 1800304

26. 18. This is what you think bowling is.

Candlepin for the win.

ID: 1800310

27. 19. You’re grateful that drive-in movies are still a thing.

Watch a movie without leaving the comfort of your automobile? Yes, please. Might as well bring a lobster roll. No one will judge.

ID: 1800313

28. 20. You can understand why someone might feel compelled to do this:

ID: 1800503

29. 21. Lighthouses, baby. Lighthouses.

ID: 1800333

31. 22. You know that during summer, ice cream counts as a food group.

ID: 1800603

33. 23. You know adding lobster to anything makes it better.

Lobster parking spot, check.

ID: 1800494

34. 24. And no matter how bad the traffic gets on your way home, you can’t wait to come back.

ID: 1800354

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