For Everyone Who Is Attracted To The Hound From "Game Of Thrones"

Because woof.

1. Scottish actor Rory McCann is clearly sexy as hell.

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And his character on HBO’s Game of Thrones simply confirms that.

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2. He’s tough, rugged and irascible and you love it.

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3. But if that rare moment does occur when he smiles…it is as if all seven kingdoms have come to a peace.

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4. But his grumpiness turns you on. You know it does.

Oh, Sandor.

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5. His bluntness riles you up every single episode.

Also, he loves wine. That’s a plus.

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6. In fact, his brutish charm only adds to your fantasies about him.

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7. Old Gods and the New, please let me be a chicken.

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8. But you have to admit that he does have a sweet side. Even if he denies it.

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9. His relationship with Arya is just heartwarming.

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He would make such a good daddy.

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10. And you swear you can heal him from his past in every way you possibly can.

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11. He’s hurt and basically begging for your affection.

And you have absolutely no problem providing him with that.

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12. Under the armor, scar, and scraggly hair, there’s a man. A sexy man.

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13. So cheers to you, Sandor, for stealing our hearts. And the chickens.

Oh, and fuck the king.

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