15 Thoughts Everyone Who Hates Taking Shots Has Had

Ewww, do I have to? Ugh, fine.

1. You watch your friend pour the shot. You’re already regretting this decision.

2. Everyone’s getting ready to drink but you’re just trying to locate your chaser.

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Is it too late to back out?

3. But you give yourself a mental pep talk and work up the courage to go along with all of this. You can do it.

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4. You take it but it doesn’t go down smoothly. In fact, that was the most horrific thing that has ever happened to you.

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Just take me home now.

5. Your friends are all like…

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6. But you don’t understand when you’re all like…

That couldn’t have been potable.

7. But everyone pressures you into taking another one.

You want to have fun, but you can’t even think about doing that again. UGH.

8. You decide that after a few more you won’t even be able to taste them.

9. Okay, bad idea. That one was just as bad as the first. You need your bed and carbs.

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10. But you see everyone getting drunk and you’re just sitting with your sober self. What’s one more?

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11. That one wasn’t so bad. My friends aren’t so bad. Life is beautiful.

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13. And suddenly, you’re the one convincing everyone else to take another shot with you.

14. But after that last one, you’re back to where you started.

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15. You accept defeat and the night ends early for you. But hey, at least you tried. You’ll put your foot down next time.

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LOL no.

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