This Is What It Feels Like To Have Jared Leto Flirt With You

Spoiler Alert: it feels great!

1. iHeartRadio had heartthrob Jared Leto read some “Hey Girl” lines. It’s the perfect mixture of dreamy and awkward.

ID: 3626315

2. Are you an alien? Because you have abducted our hearts.

But really, he’s an alien.

ID: 3626459

3. This is what it feels like to have Jesus flirt with you.

ID: 3626466

4. Do you have a map to the tour bus? Because we keep getting lost in your eyes.

ID: 3626476

5. Wonder what that jacket’s made out of. Probably boyfriend material.

ID: 3626495

6. Ugh he even makes fun of how cheesy these lines are! Swoon town.

ID: 3626485

7. Bye.

ID: 3626661

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