This Dude Lost His iPhone On A Ski Slope And Found It A Week Later With A Metal Detector

Now *that’s* dedication. Skip to 2:40 for the discovery.

1. Chris Wong’s iPhone fell out of his pocket while skiing in Vermont. But Wong told BuzzFeed that when he informed ski patrol he’d lost it on a double diamond, they said to come back in the spring.

2. After fruitlessly searching for the phone with his hands, Chris decided to purchase a metal detector on Amazon and go back a week later to hunt once more.

3. Upon returning to the mountain, Chris realized how vast this undertaking would be. “This is bigger than I thought it was…” he said.

4. He and a friend took turns surveying the slope.

5. After some time he started to lose hope.

6. But then all of a sudden…BOOM!

7. And it still worked! Huzzah!

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