Jason Sudeikis Is Back As Coach Lasso And He’s Just As Hilarious As Ever

What a wanker.

1. Last year we met Ted Lasso, “Head Coach” of Tottenham Hotspur. As a former football coach in America, he didn’t quite understand British football (soccer) rules and was subsequently fired. But now he’s back and we couldn’t be happier!

2. Even though he didn’t make it in Tottenham last year, the opportunity has allowed him to do some press. “I was able to parlay my coaching career into some camera work,” he says. And people love working with him because he’s very professional.

3. He’s also very good at complimenting.

4. And knows how to properly conduct himself on television.

5. He’s also a die-hard soccer fan.

6. And he likes to have a little fun.


7. But most importantly, he knows how to respect British culture.

8. He has totally embraced the British lifestyle, while also adding a little flair of his own.

9. He even bought a Mini Cooper, aptly named Mini Bradley Cooper, to have a tiny taste of England back at home.

10. Watch the full video here!

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