Three Bookshops Had A Twitter Fight…And It Ruled

Waterstones accused Foyles of setting off their fire alarm, leading to a word-slinging match that eventually dragged in Blackwells.

1. It all started with an accusation from Waterstones…

ID: 1547627

2. …leading to a pretty catty comeback from Foyles.

ID: 1547632

3. Blackwells became that friend who stands in the corner scoring points.

ID: 1547641

4. Waterstones struck back with a typically dismissive put down…

ID: 1547644

5. …while Blackwells egged both on further…

ID: 1547647

6. …and Big Green Bookshop joined in to remind Waterstones of their previous behavior problems.

ID: 1547651

7. Kirkdale muttered something to the competitors…

ID: 1547654

8. …which was seemingly shrugged off by Blackwells.

ID: 1547659

9. Yet Waterstones couldn’t resist calling Blackwells’ bluff.

ID: 1547662

10. Blackwell showed a new side, clearly agitated they threatened to throw down…

ID: 1547666

11. …but Waterstones’ real beef lay with Foyles.

ID: 1547672

12. Foyles knew when to walk away, not without a snide remark though…

ID: 1547677

13. …to which Chepstow books were clearly aggrieved at being left out.

ID: 1547682

14. The fight ended with Waterstones getting the last tweet.

ID: 1547707

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