Vampire Weekend’s Ezra Koenig Is Better At Twitter Than You

It’s time we talked about this.

1. Ezra is so much better at Twitter than you are and here’s why:

ID: 1431797

2. He knows how to be a good parent.

ID: 1430964

6. And family in general for that matter.

ID: 1431774

7. He asks the important questions.

ID: 1431790

8. The Hobbit has to be one of his favorite movies.

ID: 1431817

10. One Direction is his favorite band

ID: 1431862

11. and he’s a fashion expert.

ID: 1431913

12. He’s overwhelmingly talented

ID: 1432006

14. and incredibly wise.

ID: 1431810

20. Ezra isn’t afraid to make mistakes

ID: 1431926

21. or say the strangest things.

ID: 1432009

26. But above all, he knows the true meaning of YOLO.

ID: 1432611

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