21 Things Your White Boyfriend Needs To Hear According To Twitter

The hashtag #DearWhiteBF was started yesterday to open up a candid discussion about problems that women of color encountered when dating white men. posted on

Twitter user eeyore began the hashtag #DearWhiteBF as a way to start a conversation about the difficulties of dating a white male as a woman of color.

Let's talk about the unique challenges of trying to date/love a WM.

1. Here’s what the WOC of Twitter had to say:

#DearWhiteBF, "I AM NOT EXOTIC I AM EXHAUSTED" by Yto Barrada is one of my fav art pieces for a reason.


#DearWhiteBF, when you tell a WoC she's complaining for no big deal, YOU are the one doing the complaining without warrant whatsoever.


#DearWhiteBF - "You're not like other brown girls" and "You're so different from white girls" are not compliments. Stop comparing women.


#DearWhiteBF don't try to defend your family and friends' racial microagressions to me


#DearWhiteBF don't try to tell me that racial preference (i.e., liking Asian girls) is harmless. "Preferences" don't exist in a vacuum.


#DearWhiteBF "babe they're just kidding. don't be so sensitive" Is not an appropriate response to racist/misogynist comments


#DearWhiteBF, dont tell me to "calm down" or "not let it get to you" or "not be so angry" when I experience racism that you never will.


#DearWhiteBF no, you cannot refer to my skin as a certain type of food. you will get fucked for referring to me as your "chocolate queen."


#DearWhiteBF being with you doesn't transfer your privilege. I still fear the police even when i'm with you.


#DearWhiteBF i love you a lot but man that subtle deeply ingrained racism that blips here and there still makes me sad


#DearWhiteBF you still can't say the n word, regardless of how long we've been together


#DearWhiteBF I got sick of explaining that no two African countries are the same. Your experience of Nigerian culture is not applicable here


#DearWhiteBF, a year teaching English in Asia doesn't make you any more understanding or cultured.


#DearWhiteBF I might invite you to join something from my culture but that does not mean it is yours.


#DearWhiteBF, please understand that I you dont get cred for dating a WOC nor does your family


#DearWhiteBF don't call me exotic. I'm not a bird that you saw after walking in the zoo. Neither are we your sexist colonial fantasy.

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