21 Animals That Are Definitely Secretly Pokémon

Remember, Pokémon are as real as we believe they are, okay?

1. Squirtle = Turtle (duh)

2. Caterpie = Caterpillar (also duh)

4. Charmander = Salamander*

*Do not light on fire

7. Ekans = Snake (E-K-A-N-S = S-N-A-K-E)

10. Ponyta = Pony*

*Also, do not light on fire.

11. Kangaskhan = Kangaroo

12. Horsea = Seahorse (get it?)

16. Sandshrew = Pangolin

18. Krabby = Crab (Ohhhhhhhhh)

19. Exeggutor = This Palm Tree

21. Mewtwo = This Horrible, Disgusting Cat

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