A Game Of Clones

I have scoured the corners of Westeros and the Interwebs alike to bring you A Game of Clones, the very best in Game of Thrones look a-likes. I’ve added a couple of my own too.

1. Theon VS a Shorn Alpaca

I’m not actually sure which is Theon Greyjoy and which is the alpaca.

2. Jaime Lannister VS Prince from Shrek

http://totallylookslikecom / Via au.fourfourtwo.com

The traits and that mane are a dead-ringer.

3. Jason Momoa VS Scar

Speaking of Manes…

4. King Joffrey VS Yvon Atkins

Yvon Atkins would teach that wimp Joffrey a thing or two in combat.

5. Arya Stark VS a Dog in make up

A bit harsh really, I actually find her rather charming. Though you can’t deny what your eyes see…

6. Arya VS a cute kitten

Aahh! That’s more like it!

7. King Joffrey VS Gaius

It’s Joffrey again, this time looking like former Roman Emperor Caligula, also known as Gaius.

8. Sam VS an intense Cat

You can find the whole list of Game of Thrones Cat Doppelgangers here.

9. Gandalf the Grey VS A White-walker

Crystal Meth: Not even once.

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