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    • RealRanter

      I found I was skimming too quickly through this piece when I realized I THOUGHT it included a claim that BuzzFeed employs a “copy editor.” As BuzzFeed is rife with far too many examples of dreadful grammar, egregious misspellings and “invented” words (one cannot simply add the characters “ed” to EVERY word and thus create an actual word), I quickly realized I should go back and start over. Aside from all the social media creep, the constant references to acronyms with little or no explanation, AND the rapid entrance and egress of cultural phenomenon and memes - those running the gamut from “Badger, badger, badger” and “Charlie the Unicorn,” through “Ermergerd” and “Listicles,” - I imagine the greatest burden of being an experienced, educated and mature writer employed at BuzzFeed would be having to witness the heinous damage being done to our language by those who cannot spell, or even write. But, I suppose it IS 2013. So, as long as the check clears…