26 Signs You Were A “PBS Kids” Kid

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1. You knew Boston, Massachusetts’ zip code better than your own.

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2. You desperately hoped your school would be featured on A Word From Us Kids.

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3. You wished your teacher was more like Ms. Frizzle.

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4. You fancied cardigans because you wanted to be classy like Mister Rogers.

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5. You were fascinated by the Between the Lions opening, no matter how many times you watched it.

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6. You had a favorite Sesame Street character and you would fight to the death to defend them.

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7. You thought the Teletubbies could be kind of cute if they didn’t look so creepy.

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8. You knew how to stretch in the shape of a clock.

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9. You choreographed your own intro in case you ever became a ZOOM cast member.

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10. You had a nightmare every time Arthur’s musical episode aired because of Brain’s mental breakdown.

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Jekyll, Jekyll, Hyde, Jekyll, Hyde, Hyde, Jekyll! Jekyll, Jekyll, Hyde, Jekyll, Hyde!

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11. You’re still confused about Zak and Wheezie.

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12. You owned a Barney stuffed animal and often wondered if you would be excited or scared if he actually came to life.

Do I love you Barney, do I?

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13. You lived for the rap section of the Liberty’s Kids theme song, AND you knew it was by Aaron Carter which clearly made it 10x better.

ID: 2442709

14. Yubou knubew hubow tubo spubeak ubin Ububbubi Dububbubi.

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15. You shipped Arthur and Francine SO HARD.

Ooh the PG-13 things that could have happened when they were locked in that library.

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16. You questioned why two older guys wanted to hang out with a lemur.

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17. You always wanted someone to answer the age old question: “How DO you get to Sesame Street”?

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18. You always took LeVar Burton’s word for it, even though he said you didn’t have to.

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19. …and you freaked out during his guest appearance on Community.

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20. You enjoyed learning about classic literature more from Wishbone than you did in school.

ID: 2442822

21. You appreciated how diverse The Puzzle Place was.

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22. You were constantly searching for a deer to befriend and name Walter.

ID: 2442820

23. You were slightly creeped out yet calmed by Lamb Chop.

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ID: 2442814

24. You knew why that sneaky Fannee Doolee liked books and not novels, pillows, not cushions, and glasses, not spectacles.

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25. You knew Juicy Juice was 100% juice, for 100% kids.

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26. You knew all of this perfection was made possible from viewers like you. Thank You.

No, no, PBS, thank YOU.

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