14 Things You Didn’t Notice About "The Brady Bunch Movie" As A Kid

Here’s a story of a fam named Brady who had some supreme innuendos in their movie.

Remember the 1995 parody movie to The Brady Bunch? Here’s everything you probably didn’t notice when you first watched it.

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1. Marcia suffered from OCD.

Or was I the only one who didn’t organize my sock drawer like this?

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2. Mrs. Dittmeyer wanted to wrap Mr. Brady’s package…

And I have a feeling the wrapping paper wouldn’t have had cute reindeer on it.

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3. Doug had protection of assorted colors and textures…


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4. Doug was considered the “Big Man On Campus”…

A superlative that must have been earned through extra-curricular activities.

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5. Mrs. Dittmeyer was constantly hungover…

Ah, the agony of old age.

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6. Noreen had romantic feelings for Marcia…

Which I actually understood as a kid and was totally cool with.

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7. Mrs. Whitfield had strong thigh muscles…

Such strong thigh muscles, in fact, that she could harbor: a stapler, a ruler, a box of sharpies, tape, a box of pushpins, a box of pencils, reusable labels, and 10 unidentifiable office supplies.

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8. Carol was ready to get frisky with Mr. Brady’s bookmark…

Probably because he was a “strong, feral man”.

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9. Sam had magic fingers…

That created a shaking feeling akin to sitting in a massage chair.

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10. Mrs. Dittmeyer was about ALL of the Brady boys…

She walked that fine line of cougar and creep, always with a Bloody Mary in hand.

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11. Doug wasn’t after Marcia’s nose…

Which she figured out ‘cause she could still smell a rat, even with a swollen nose.

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12. Jan had yet to be diagnosed with schizophrenia…

Or as RuPal liked to call it: “Middle Child Syndrome”.

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13. After kissing Marcia, Charlie said “something suddenly came up.”


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14. And Sam always delivered some late night meat…


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