• 24 Pictures That Are All Too Real For Twentysomethings

    "So you can update your Instagram and Facebook, but won't text me back?"

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    Which Stereotypical Rom-Com Character Are You?

    Would you find romance? Or no mans?

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    21 Presents For All "Grey's Anatomy" Fans

    For all our faves to be alive again.

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    How Much Of A Chocoholic Are You?

    You say you like chocolate, but how many of these chocolatey treats have you actually tried?

  • This Mom Started An Online Movement After Being Told She Should Go Back To Her Pre-Baby Weight

    Mel Rymill was at a personal training session when she was told she "obviously wanted to go back to her pre-baby weight."

  • When You Can't Get Over Your F***ing Ex

    In this episode of Broke, Paul has a date with Samantha but can’t get over his ex, Christina. Miloh and Mo argue about one dirty dish in the sink.

  • Australian MP Thinks Freeing Children From Detention Could Unleash A Terrorist Threat

    BuzzFeed News sat down with Australia’s oldest politician to speak about his role designing one of the world's most hardline immigration policies.

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