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    Which Of These Omelettes Is The Grossest?

    I need to eat the grossest of the omelettes.

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    Can You Survive A Day As President?

    A Choose-Your-Own-Adventure game starring YOU as President of the United States!

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  • Californians Have Finally Made Huge Cuts In Their Water Use

    After months of achieving only mild success, California cities reduced water use by 28.9% in May, the latest figures show. Two communities talked to BuzzFeed News about what they're doing to achieve the deep cutbacks.

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    Hillary Clinton Has The Top Comment On This Heartbreaking "Humans Of New York" Photo

    "Prediction from a grown-up: Your future is going to be amazing."

  • Alan Gross Spent Five Years In Prison For Trying To Help Cubans Use The Internet

    In 2009, an American aid worker seeking to provide internet service for Cubans was thrown in jail for more than five years. Now, as relations with Cuba finally thaw, the imprisonment of Alan Gross remains a prime example of how promoting American values in countries that don't want them is a policy that is as well-intentioned as it is poorly executed.

  • Danny Elfman Talks About His 5 Most Iconic Collaborations With Tim Burton

    In his over 30-year-career, the legendary composer has created some of the most enduring movie soundtrack scores of all time.

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