• Perfectly Awkward Weed Stock Photos

    Just playing a signed guitar before packing a bowl of wacky tobacky.

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    What Would Your "Home And Away" Plotline Be?

    What kind of drama would be in store for you in Summer Bay?

  • Officer Runs For Cover After Rescuing Baby Skunk Stuck In Yogurt Container

    Dash cam records officer becoming a potential spray target after aiding a baby skunk.

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    Will The New Science Of Preemies Change The Abortion Debate?

    On Monday lawmakers will fight about Planned Parenthood, repeating a brawl from decades ago. Cutting-edge science — from the incredible survival of premature infants to the promise of fetal cells to cure disease — will be front and center.

  • Man In The U.S. Arrested After Allegedly Decapitating His Wife And Two Dogs

    Kenneth Wakefield, 43, was found naked and bleeding, with part of his arm cut off and an eye gouged out, Phoenix police said.

  • Ruby Rose Did Not Apologise To Tony Abbott


  • Bernie Sanders Discovers His Inner #BlackLivesMatter

    The man who put up a defensive front against black protesters at Netroots has discovered he has a record that appeals directly to their issues.

  • If Disney Characters Were Rappers

    Imagine how magical the dis tracks would be.

  • The Bad Boys Of Indian YouTube

    YouTube is exploding in India right now, and four comedians from Mumbai who go by the name All India Bakchod are leading the pack. But after causing a national scandal by organizing India’s first comedy roast, they’re discovering India might not be quite ready to laugh at itself yet.

  • The Failure Of Tom Cruise 2.0

    As Tom Cruise makes the publicity rounds for Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, there's no trace of his couch-jumping public implosion. But can those of us who knew him as the greatest star on earth ever shake the catastrophe of the last 10 years?

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