• A Conscience Vote On Marriage Equality Just Got A Whole Lot Closer

    The pressure on Tony Abbott just went up a notch.

  • Russell Brand Visited Some Slums And Came Back With An Amazing Story

    Feels train pulling into Mumbai right now.

  • McDonald's In Wollongong Will Now Serve All-Day Breakfast

    The fast food chain will have the all-day breakfast menu in restaurants across the Illawarra.

  • Apple Music Is The New iPod And The Old Record Store

    When everyone can put millions of songs in your pocket, the trick is helping you figure out what to listen to.

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  • The Great Wall Of China Is Slowly But Surely Becoming Less Great

    Bad maintenance, natural erosion, tourist-made damage, and brick-stealing are taking their toll on the Great Wall.

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  • 19 Ordinary Greeks Explain Why The Bailout Talks Have Them Despairing

    People in the streets of Athens are tired of politicians talking and tell BuzzFeed News they just want a solution from Sunday's referendum.

  • 10 Presidential Candidates That The Mainstream Media Are Ignoring

    At this point, our next POTUS could be anyone. Anyone.

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