What Can Hillary Clinton, Bill Gates And Rick Santorum All Agree On? All Kids Should Get To Be 5.

With the help of American investment in foreign aid, six million fewer children will die this year before their fifth birthday than did just 25 years ago. To recognize this landmark achievement, business leaders, grassroots activists and even some elected officials are changing their profile pictures on social media to a photo of their 5th birthday.

This month, America is giving itself a big high five

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More than 100 businesses, NGOs, faith-based, civic and philanthropic organizations are coming together to celebrate America’s role helping to halve the annual number of child deaths under the age of five since 1990.

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Next week, these business leaders, grassroots activists and elected officials are changing their profile pictures to a photo of their 5th birthday.

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The 5th birthday photos show support for continued commitment to global children’s health.

You might even recognize a couple of them…

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1. Hillary Rodham Clinton

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2. Bill Gates

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3. Senator Rick Santorum

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4. General Colin L. Powell

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5. Secretary of State John Kerry

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6. Andrea Mitchell

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7. Senator Tom Daschle

ID: 3186081

8. Kay Warren

ID: 3186094

9. Senator Tom Coburn

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To learn more, visit 5thbdayandbeyond.org/

Add your 5 year old photo!

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