What High Schoolers Are Into These Days

It’s definitely not Nirvana CDs and the latest issue of Time. To learn more about what’s trending among adolescents, check out 21 Jump Street — in theaters now!

1. The Kissy Face

Ducks! They’re so sexy.

2. Wearing Pajamas All The Time

There’s nothing better than a teenage girl showing off the straps of her sexy training bra!

3. Throwing ’80s Night Parties

Sorry teenagers, but you can’t throw a party inspired by a decade you didn’t witness.

4. Sexting

Teens may think sexting is fun until they realize the pictures of their naked selves are turning up next to chihuahuas in Google Image searches.

5. Tweeting About Everything

It’s cute he thought he wouldn’t get caught a SECOND time!

6. Not Caring About Current Events

Yeah, if only there was a way learning about wars could be FUN!

7. Photographing Themselves

We gotta say, not even the most artistic park benches are getting any love these days.

8. Vlog Hauling

Teens love showing off what they got on their shopping sprees, so kids without clean water can know what to want after they finally get clean water.

9. Being Bored

Yeah, this is just THE WORST!

10. Inspired By ‘21 Jump Street’

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